Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend Excursion

Hello! I hope you had a great weekend & were able to get through your Monday! For some reason I am having a hard time getting back on track and posting on Mondays haha. So my planned Monday post has been coming to you on Tuesday :)

This weekend we went on a small town excursion ;) My dad was invited to go watch a country band called The North Santiam Band,  play at a bar in Stayton (a tiny little country town in Oregon). So my husband and I went with him and my mom out into the boonies late in the evening and we only got lost a little bit (we know our way around we just don't usually go the way we did in the dark!)
The band was pretty good! I enjoyed listening to them and visiting with my parents. My parents do not drink or go to bars hardly ever, so it was a little out of our box but it was fun!

Ha. I ordered a rum & coke--it was Rum with a splash of coke! I don't drink that often so it's kind of my go to drink if I'm ordering a drink and not beer, but I definitely prefer mine to have more coke!

Well, my husband's not a very good photographer haha. My mom & I accidentally wore turquoise tops with a white shirt and jeans, the same shoes, and black and white purses. I guess you could say I get my style choices from her haha.
This picture is a little better. My dad bought us flowers from a flower vendor that came to the bar, who happened to be someone he went to high school with. Yes we are small town folk.

My flowers are still pretty today :)

Did you do anything fun/interesting this weekend?
Have a great Tuesday!

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