Thursday, May 22, 2014

Recent Indulgences

In the weeks leading up to my birthday, I started getting those "It's Your Birthday!" emails where companies try to entice you to buy yourself something by giving you discounts or special gifts. Well they got to me and I made a few purchases. So here is what I have recently indulged in.
Chevron Paper Straws in Caribbean
 I adore pretty paper straws. I think they make parties and get together's extra lovely and festive. I purchased myself some lovely pink & green chevron straws from GroupDealz that are not for sale anymore. However, you can purchase lovely paper straws from Shop Sweet Lulu, which I have in the past, and they have a large variety of colors and patterns to choose from for a reasonable price.
Chevron Paper Straws in Watermelon Pink
My straws were actually a little lighter pink and I have them mixed with the green straws in mug on a glass cabinet. They look really cute. I will share a picture when I finish the painting I have hanging behind them that is only partially finished right now ;)

 My next purchase was the Go TropiCORAL Lip & Cheek kit by Benefit Cosmetics from Sephora. It came with a lip & cheek tint, highlighter, blush, and lip gloss. I love the colors, and it is a perfect travel size (not to mention the packaging is super cute!). Coral is one of my favorite colors right now and I think it is a perfect way to brighten up your look for the summer. I am wearing all of these products in my previous "26 things about me post". My only suggestion is, that is you use the cha cha tint for you cheeks you have to blend it right away or it will stain just the area you put it on a little darker than the rest of your cheeks! Below is another picture of me wearing the TropiColal set.

Isn't the packaging fun? It also came with some tips on how to apply the products.

ASOS T-Shirt with Shadow Floral Sequin
My last purchase was from ASOS. I wanted something sparkly to wear for my birthday (I LOVE SEQUINS!). Which if you saw my birthday post you saw I chickened out and didn't wear it. I still love it though and I WILL wear it eventually! I love that it is sequinned all over, not just the front but the back also. I also like that the sleeves come down and cover my arms. The only thing I slightly disliked is that I wish it was a little longer but it is still super fun and cute and I love it. Oh and I was also a little bummed because I was enticed with a 10% off deal for my birthday, but since the item was on sale I couldn't get the extra discount.

Well that's all for today!
I hope you have a lovely Thursday!

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