Thursday, June 19, 2014

Belated Father's Day Hommage

I know this is a little late but I just thought about what to post today.
One of my favorite movies has always been Father of the Bride. I have to say that during the whole wedding process my Dad definitely experienced some similar experiences to good old George Banks--weddings are expensive!! But I did my best to plan a wedding on a budget and I think my mom & I did a pretty good job!
I shared this picture because it reminds me of my favorite memory of my dad. My Dad is not a very emotional person and not real open about sharing his feelings. When it came to picking a song for the father daughter dance I didn't have one come to me immediately, but I heard the "My Little Girl" song by Tim McGraw, and I knew that my Dad really likes Tim McGraw. So I played a few songs for my Dad but when I played that one he started crying, and I knew that was the song! That is my favorite memory of my Dad to date. I know it's kind of a cliche wedding song, but to me it is extra special.

"You're beautiful baby from the outside in.
Chase your dreams but always know the road that'll lead you home again.
Go on, take on this whole world.
But to me you know you'll always be, my little girl."

What's you're favorite memory of your dad?
Hope you have a happy Thursday!

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