Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wallowa Lake Trip: Part II

During our trip we spent 2 full days out on the lake. We found a small rocky beach area and took it over. The water felt really good and those views are hard to beat! I spent my time floating, walking around in the water, and reading.

I did quite a bit a of reading, but it was a little hard to focus as you can see ;)
This was my little buddy. Both days we went he was back and forth in the rocks near where I was sitting.
This is where we ate dinner one night after spending the day at the lake. It is a brewery called Terminal Gravity. The brewery is just outside of Joseph in Enterprise. I was having too much fun that night to take any pictures :) I stole this one from the website. 

The next morning my husband and I went with a group to go hiking again. Two members from our group were going back packing in the Lostine Mountains for 2 nights, so we went to drop them off and then we hiked with them for a little ways. We started at the "Two Pan" trailhead. We didn't make it very far though because, it was a long drive to get there and we had to get back to the cabin in time to say goodbye to someone who was leaving early. It was still a pretty hike though, and it inspired me--backpacking through the Oregon wilderness is now on my bucket list!

The non-backpackers :)
The deer at Wallowa Lake are not shy at all. They are all over just lounging in the camp ground and walking through yards. And not just little ones like this, but ones with big antlers! One night on a walk we saw 2 with big antlers just sitting in the grass at the camp grounds. This little one was in our yard one evening. He walked right up to us. Don't worry we weren't really trying to feed it, we just held out the grass for a picture.
Our last full day there, we spent the day shopping and hanging out in town. There are some really adorable places to shop. I bought a scarf and some earrings at a cute shop called BeeCrowBee. They specialize in scented oils and candles and the like but they also have cute jewelry and clothing. I had to take this picture in the Copper Creek store because my niece had been asking questions about Big Foot all week. I told her that Big Foot was real, but he lived in Southern Oregon :)
There were pretty bronze statues throughout the town.

After sitting down to blog this, I really wish I had taken more pictures! It was really a nice trip and I can't wait to go back next summer. It is such a beautiful place and I had a nice time visiting with family and friends.
Until next time Wallowa Lake!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I have a couple pictures of you guys to send you. Sorry I haven't done it already!! Let's go back now :)

  2. Thank you! And yes, I'm ready to go back now! :)