Tuesday, September 9, 2014

PE Gym Decor

 Here are the pictures of my gym decor that I talked about last week. I LOVE color, so I did everything in rainbow colors. I would love to add more eventually, but we'll see how long this stuff holds up without getting ripped down. I have also made posters on the components of fitness but I haven't put them up yet because they are heavy so I need something heavy duty to hold them up.

These are my levels of responsibility that I have for students to think about. They are supposed to "stay on green" which is level 4. Throughout the year I will have the show me what level they think they are at and record it for citizenship grades. Of course, we have to agree upon what level they were at for the day :)
This is my class motto for PE. I want my students to think of their class as a team and learn to work together and help each other to improve. I make them stand on the circle in the middle of the gym and we chant this together at the end of every class before we do our cool down.

So far, students are having issues regarding members of the opposite sex as "teammates"...we're going to have to work on that ;)
Happy Tuesday!

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