Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Fall DIY Banner

This weekend was mostly spent sleeping, drinking cold medicine & tea, and watching TV. I developed a cough over the week and luckily, in 2 days of rest, I have nursed it away! I decided earlier this week that I needed some Fall decor in my house, so I decided to make a banner.
I decided on the words "Happy Fall". This way I can leave it up all Fall, unlike if I made one that was geared toward Halloween or Thanksgiving (although, let's get real: I love these banners, I will probably make one for every holiday in the future!) I am so in love with Fall colors right now: burgundy, rose gold, bronze, brown, mustard-y yellows, and of course, I always love glitter :)
I have cardboard pennants that I got at a craft store that went out of business, and I used them as a template for my banner. I have not been able to find any at other craft stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby, obviously you could just cut out triangles. The pennants I have, though, have a scalloped edge. Also, I am just better in general, if I have a template to follow! Faster & no mess ups.
Supplies: scrapbooking paper (card stock is best), twine, foam glitter stickers, hole punch. I already had the solid colored paper on hand, but the patterned papers came from Target. The foam glitter stickers also came from Target and they were a great buy! It was $5.29 for a pack and it came with a set of gold, and a set of silver. Usually foam letter stickers of this size cost that much just for 1 set of the alphabet.
I'm pleased with how it turned out! Now I just need to move to a different place so I can have a fireplace mantle under it ;)

Happy Fall & Happy Monday!

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