Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Festivities

Well,I'm already falling behind in keeping up with everything this Christmas! This past weekend the dance studio I teach at had their Christmas recital, we celebrated my husband's birthday, went to his family's annual bunko party, and I FINALLY got some Christmas shopping done. Still feeling overwhelmed though! It's a good overwhelmed, it's just that I'm so busy that when I finally get some down time I just want to sit and zone out instead of doing things like, baking candied pecans for gifts, mailing out our Christmas cards, painting my nails, getting my hair cut and making some Christmas crafts--which are all fun things--I am just so tired! Tomorrow is my actual wedding anniversary, but I am teaching at the studio so we will probably just have some red velvet cake at home and then hopefully we can get dressed up and go out to dinner sometime before the New Year to celebrate.
Here's a pic of me with my high school hip hop class at the recital last week. They were "Naughty vs Nice" and I choreographed a little bit of a "dance battle" for their routine. We have a lot of fun our class :)
I wasn't able to get a picture of my middle school hip hop class because they all had quick changes!! Luckily a friend snapped some of my classes on stage. They were "misfit toys" because we danced to the song "Geekin" by Their costumes turned out great and the did such an awesome job!
My high schooler's in their end pose.
My lyrical class. They had quick changes too. They danced to "Stars" by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals. I drew some inspiration from the routine I choreographed for my High School dance team last year. They were lovely.
What I wore: Top: Forever 21 // Earrings: Kohls (old) // Lipstick: Perfect Plumb (Maybelline)
Like I have said before, I use any slightest occasion to get dolled up. Dance recital & bunko party? Calls for pretty makeup and sequins! I had to pin and spray and tease quite a big to get my hair to look like this! I need to get it cut but I can't seem to find the time before Christmas to get it done! 
Bunko was a lot of fun. We all put in $2 and then you win money based on how many times you won. I won my $2 back because I lost the most games haha. There is absolutely no skill to playing Bunko, it is all chance, but apparently I have bad luck! Good thing my husband is better and was one of the top 3 winners, so he won us $6. We're rich now ;)
The cake I got for Joel's Bday. Yes, it says "Happy Jesus Year". Why? Well, because he turned 33 this year, and that is how old Jesus was when he died for our sins. When one of my older cousins was 33 he kept saying it was his "Jesus year" and his wife was soo glad when he turned 34 so he would quit saying it! We thought it was clever. Gotta make every year special right?
I love that my husband loves all of his nieces and nephews! He always lets them help blow out candles and open presents. This pictures doesn't show all of them--there were too many cool toys downstairs to get the younger kiddos up ;) There are a lot more!

I am grateful for my brother-in-law snapping this one with me snapping a picture in it :) Wish I had taken more pictures but I was too busy visiting. PS--my brother-in-law & sister-in-law just had this dining room extended and isn't their lighting fixture gorgeous? I love it :)
 Yesterday we celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. Joel always buys me yellow roses for our anniversary because I love them, and he always gets me a beautiful card with birds on it.

 We didn't anything fancy for our anniversary. I had to teach dance classes in the evening, and we both were tired from teaching all day. We got takeout from a local restaurant, we listened to Christmas music, caught up on Hell's Kitchen, had some of this lovely cake (we had red velvet at our wedding), and folded laundry :) Perhaps after Christmas we will have time to go somewhere fancy and get dressed up.
Today is our last day of school for the year, and then we're headed off to all sorts of fun gatherings!
 More festivities to come!
 Hope you are enjoying this beautiful season!
Happy Friday!

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