Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Gathering 4

We did a lot of driving this Holiday season and sometimes I get bored so I take selfies in the car...which my husband makes fun of so he kept trying to mess up my picture. So I took a picture of him while he was driving.
I wish I had taken more pictures at Christmas Gathering Number 4! This party was with my Dad's side of the family. Here's me with one of my pretty cousins :) We're both wearing heels :p
We rented the community center in town. It is such a cute little building and they always decorate lovely for Christmas. We discovered it when we were looking for a reception location for my wedding. It was too small for my wedding but we have used it for 2 Christmas parties now.

I was hoping to have all of my Christmas Blogging done by New Year's Eve but I am realizing now, that's probably not going to happen! Oh well, hopefully by blogging about Christmas into the new year, it will help some of my post-Christmas blues go away! I always feel a little sad after Christmas is over!

Happy Tuesday!
(PS it totally feels like a Monday, this morning I made coffee, and when I went to pour myself some, I realized that I forgot to add the coffee grounds so all I got was hot water!)

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