Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Morning: Civil War Woes, Flashing back to Happier Times for the Beavers!

Well, we may have lost the Civil War, but here's a flashback to happier times when we beat the Arizona Sun Devils!
My mom & I got to go to the game together. It was a late night game, and it was FREEZING! But it was so much fun. We got to see the marching band play up close before the game started.
The marching band even played inside the bookstore when we were in there!
Decked out & bundled up in our beaver gear!
It was rough to sit through the cold, but with all of the excitement in the second half we warmed right up!
Final score of the game: 35-27!!
Pretty much the entire stadium stormed the field!
Of course we had to stay super late to see Coach Mike Riley's radio interview after the game.
My dad and my brother were at the game also, sitting else where, so we had to take a family picture to document the celebratory night. Go Beavs!

Oh & Happy Monday :)

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