Monday, January 19, 2015

Our Merry Little Christmas

Monday we meet again. I can't complain about you today, though, because there is no school. Today is sad, however, because I have finally admitted defeat and decided it's time to take down the Christmas decorations. So I will reminisce of my last little bit of Christmas.
Every year, my husband and I exchange our gifts for each other after Christmas. This year I was talking about how I wish we could sleep in our living room so I could look at the Christmas tree more (since we had been gone so much!). So Joel suggested we pump up our air mattress and sleep under the tree. :)
The lovely view from where I slept.
We decided to start a tradition of picking out 1 ornament each year that was special to represent the year. So we picked out a little apple to represent that in 2014 we both finished school and got teaching jobs. We also picked out the pretty green ball on the right, just because we both thought it was really cool. The picture doesn't quite do the color justice.
Here is some of my Christmas decor. I love this little set up because a lot of the things were wedding presents or Christmas presents so I always think of the friends and family that gave them to us when I put them out.
I made this little clip banner last year to display our Christmas cards. I leave them up all year so I can see our friends and family. All I did was hang a string of twine and paint the clothespins red and silver to clip on.
I made the banner, using burlap paper from Michael's.
Our stuffed stockings.
Our gifts for each other.
I love wrapping paper. It's so pretty. I always take forever to unwrap because I don't want to rip the paper and I try to save it and re-use it if I can! Silly, I know.
One thing I love about my husband, is that he really does try hard to put thought into his gifts for me and actually goes out and shops and tries to surprise me. Among the gifts he gave me this year, was a book called "Fifty Places to Hike before you Die" (I now have a new bucket list!), and he got me the cozy sweater I am wearing. I had to put a "Lump of Coal" stout in his stocking, because his brothers discovered a song called "Joel the lump of coal" this year :)
We had ourselves a merry little Christmas.
Later we went for a walk so I could snap a picture of the Christmas lights on our little main street. So pretty, until next year Christmas magic!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Your tree is extra beautiful! Time to decorate for Valentines Day :)