Monday, April 13, 2015

Disney's Cinderella: Have Courage and be Kind

Have courage, and be kind. This mantra, to me, embodies what a Disney Princess is. I grew up watching Disney princess movies, and other princess movies, and reading about princesses, and pretending to be one. I was the first born girl on my Dad's side of the family, and when I was born my Grandpa called me princess, and he always called me princess.

As I have grown, I have learned from some in our society, that being a princess is not something to attain to. I have been told that Disney has given us "unrealistic expectations" about love and life. I have been told that princess stories teach us that women have to wait around to be rescued by a man.

As a young girl, those thoughts never crossed my mind. What I remember most is that all of the princesses, were kind and sweet, and brave when they needed to be. I didn't grow up thinking that I needed to be perfect and beautiful, I recognized that they were fairy tales, and sometimes fairy tales don't tell us the whole story.

So today I am declaring that it is okay to be feminine and kind and sweet and to like princesses. It doesn't mean that you are spoiled, or delicate. It doesn't mean that you are less than men, and it certainly doesn't mean that you are sitting around waiting to be rescued.

I believe that all women and girls are princesses, and queens and they are to be valued and treasured.
In each Disney Princess movie, there are always women or non-human side kicks helping the heroine along the way. People may claim that Prince Charming rescues Cinderella, but would he have been able to without the help of her fairy godmother? :)
What We Wore: // Tshirts: Kohls (LC Cinderella Collection) // Glass Slippers: Toms (similar) // My Lipstick: MAC Snob
Me and my real, live, Fairy Godmother, the woman who taught me to have courage and be kind, at the movie theatre to watch Disney's Cinderella :)
Happy Monday!
Have courage & be kind today!

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