Monday, September 7, 2015

Wallowa Lake 2015: Part II

School starts back up with students this week and I am oddly calm...I'm probably forgetting about everything I need to do, haha. Sorry for the long pause between Part I of Wallowa Lake and Part II, but here it is!
There are deer everywhere around the lake. These deer were around our cabins. 
We saw them on walks, and the big deer on the right was just lounging around in the front yard of my brother-in-law & sister-in-law's cabin!
One morning, all 18 of us went on a hike! We started at the trail head for Hurricane Creek, and hiked up to Slick Rock and back. We thought it was only a 5 mile hike, but I think it was actually an 8 mile hike.
It was also a little bit rainy.
We ended up breaking apart into 3 separate groups, but eventually everyone made it to the water fall.
Our niece, Ella, kept up at the front of the pack the whole time! I enjoyed talking with her during our hike.
We bonded over Lord of the Rings and our favorite school subjects :)
Here is part of our group!
When we got done with the hike we were pretty tired. We spent the rest of the day relaxing, since the weather was still too gloomy to go to the lake.
We went to Terminal Gravity for dinner. It was a little different than usual.
We sat inside because it was a tad bit chilly outside, and sadly, they weren't serving our favorite beer, the Tap Out. It was, however, still a wonderful evening of visiting and eating yummy food.

Our nephews kept me quite entertained during dinner.
I believe they were watching "Power Rangers".
I tried to get our whole group in a picture, but were trying to get settled in and some of us were up and about still. Joel and Jared grabbed the nice recliner chairs at the end of the table right away :)
Finally, the next day we made it to the lake! It was beautiful!
I very much enjoyed our walks to the lake from the cabin. 
It took us a little over an hour to walk, and it was a great way to get our 10,000 steps in for the day!
I didn't really take an pictures! It was a day full of boat rides, jet skis, reading, and relaxing.
I'm not really an adventurous person, so I mostly read, but Joel got a lot of excitement in!
After a long day at the lake, we rushed back to the cabin to quickly try to make ourselves presentable, and then head back out for special dinner reservations.
We stopped to marvel at Hell's Canyon along the way.
Our dinner reservations were at Rim Rock. It was special because this is where Joel's brother proposed to his wife Klyn 18 years ago. Klyn's family goes here for dinner every year. This is the first time Joel and I have been able to go, and we were very pleased to be apart of their beautiful family tradition.
Ella looked too cute in this chair.
We ate out on the deck, and enjoyed a delicious dinner of Wagu Beef Meatloaf, roasted potatoes and veggies and wine. It was very delicious and relaxing. The anniversary of the proposal sparked conversation of how everyone got engaged. It was fun to hear about everyone's engagement stories.
This was the beautiful view we had from our dinner seats.
I'm thinking I probably need to try to paint this.
We were also entertained by the hummingbirds at dinner. There were so many of them!
I'm so glad this guy proposed to me almost 5 years ago!
Eastern Oregon is so beautiful. I am very blessed that Joel and I get to go on this special trip with such a sweet family. I always goes by way to fast and I can't wait until next summer!

Until next time Wallowa Lake!

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  1. I want to go back! And looking forward to your future painting!