Monday, October 19, 2015

Goodbye Rental: We are Home Owners!!!

It finally happened...
We closed on our house and moved in!!
We are very excited to be in our own place and there are definitely things that we will NOT miss,
however, there are a few things that I will miss:

1. It was our first home together 2. It was cozy 3. The beautiful trees in the courtyar
4. Being close enough to walk toe everything

I keep thinking of the Trace Adkins song "You're Gonna Miss This"
We are at that stage of life where everything is new, and we are constantly onto bigger and better things.
Even though I won't miss the ugly green, stained carped, and the weird sounds and smells coming from our various neighbors, not having a backyard, and the lovely onsite laundry room that cost us so many quarters...
I will always cherish the memories we made together there.
Our little home at Christmas...
And here is our new home!!
We are so grateful for all of the help we had from our family and friends in moving! 
It was a lot of work, and Joel and I were not very prepared. 
We've known we were going to be moving for over a month and we didn't pack anything ahead of time.
Our helpers are saints for not getting frustrated with us!
Our home was very move in ready so there are not any changes that we need to make, just a few that we would like to make. I took pictures of the inside before we moved everything in, so eventually I will share inside pictures once we have everything organized! (That might be a while!)
The view from our backyard!!
Joel's parents stayed the night with us while we were moving to help us get everything finished.
They were so helpful! This is a picture of our first meal in our new house :)
Let the memory making commence!

Happiest of Mondays :)

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