Sunday, April 17, 2016

Backyard Summer Dreams

 With all the warm spring weather we've been having lately, Joel and I have started, slowly but surely, working on getting our backyard ready for the summer.
I've even named our backyard: "Everett Oasis" ;)
 We purchased a Pergola from Lowes, and unfortunately, it looks like the price has gone up since we bought it! We ordered on line and it was delivered for free.
 I've been longing for a pergola to hang a chandelier from for so long!
It's definitely a dream come true. Eventually I'd like to get a different chandelier, and we're still trying to figure out how to get it to hang straight!
We bought a new patio set, that we still have to put together, and we have a bunch more globe lights to hang! I got anxious and just haphazardly strung them up to a tree. 
Speaking of the tree, I have plans for this one: I want to make a DIY bar to set here, and hang a disco ball above it, and I want to make an "Everett Oasis" sign for the bar.
Here are some ideas I have for the bar. I've found some DIY ideas on Pinterest. I'm going for more of the pallet look, but it's me, so I'll probably have some touch of the cute pink & white one.
Oh yeah, let the summer of "Everett Oasis" begin!
Wait--what? It's only April you say?
Oh no! 8 more weeks of school still!
Summer come soon!

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