Tuesday, July 12, 2016

San Jose del Cabo Vacation: Coral Baja Resort & Tacos at Sardina Cantina

 Continuing on in our Cabo vacation...
The first couple of days, were pretty uneventful.
We were relaxing! 
I woke up early & read on my balcony, then we would head down to the pool,eat lunch at the resort restaurant, Mama Mia's, nap, then eat left overs for dinner.
Did I mention I read A LOT?
Redemption Songs playing in the background as I took a break from my book to daydream for a bit.
One day we went to lunch just across from our resort at Sardina Cantina.
Sadly, I did not take many pictures, I had to borrow this one from google.
The waiter talked Joel in to a Cadillac ;)
Joel had fish tacos, and I had spicy chicken tacos. They were DELICIOUS.
 I loved the corn and the chunks of pineapple!
What better than to end this post with a picture of tacos?
Oh gosh, I just want tacos right now.
I've started a new workout regiment and I am focusing on eating healthier and controlling my portions better...Maybe I'll have to be creative tonight I try to create some healthier version of tacos than the good 'ol taco Tuesday bar tacos!
Happy Taco Tuesday!

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