Tuesday, June 6, 2017

37 Week Maternity Pictures

 Long time no see! I have been very neglectful of this blog as I have had lots of time to write posts, but little motivation! So here is what's going on with us lately.
Last week at 37 weeks exactly we went to the hospital to have a "version", which is procedure to try to flip the baby head down in the womb, because right now our baby boy is breech.
 Since there is a small possibility of harm to baby or mom during the procedure, we had to go in prepared for an emergence c-section just in case. I never got around to having nice maternity pictures taken because I couldn't justify spending the money. Luckily, my mother-in-law came to visit before the procedure and snapped some pictures for us on my iphone. I know they're not the best quality, but I am pleased with how they turned out!
Joel snapped these pics of me, and I will always cherish them, even though my face is swollen and you can't really tell I'm wearing makeup.

He's going to be such a good Dad!
So unfortunately the version was unsuccessful and baby boy is still breech. It's funny that he decided to be a little stinker, because as of 37 weeks he is the size of a striped skunk!
So as of now the plan is to have a c-section!
See you soon baby boy!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Baby Gender Reveal Party

The Hubby and I decided to host a "Gender Reveal" party to tell our friends & family what gender our baby is! How cute is the "He or She" cake topper I got from Amazon?
I ordered the cake from our local grocery store bakery. I turned out cute, although not exactly what I wanted. A young guy was taking my cake order, and I feel if it had been a girl, she might have understood what I wanted a little better. I tried explaining "ombre" as I wanted it to fade from pink to blue...he didn't know what that meant. So I told him it was for a "gender reveal" party, thinking that might trigger the context of the cake and he asked me if someone was transitioning... Next time I guess I should bring a picture of what "ombre" is haha.
 I got tons of cute pink and blue party supplies at Walmart. Napkins, plates, straws and balloons. 
For the pink drink, I just used raspberry lemonade, for the blue drink, I mixed calypso ocean blue lemonade and pineapple juice.
I love decorating for parties, and the pink and blue theme was so much fun! I got berry and regular flavored La Croix sparkling water in the pretty pink and blue cans and rock candy, which was a big hit with all of the kiddos!
 We inherited a bunch of toys from one of Joel's collegues when they found out we were pregnant, so we set them up for all the kiddos at the party in our bedroom with a movie...I feel like I took this picture before all of the toys were out--it was crazy! haha
Such a blessing to have so many friends and family to come support us in our exciting news!
 Getting ready to pop the confetti filled balloon...
We're having a boy! We found out our appointment earlier that week--I was so sure we were going to have a girl I have been calling our baby boy a "she" for months! Sorry baby boy!
 So even though most of the "old wives tales" predicted girl, and girl won the poll, God had a boy ready for us! Joel is so excited, he had to rub it in a little ;)
Today I am 24 weeks and 4 days! Baby boy is moving a lot and he is the size of an eggplant :)
I'd be lying if I said sometimes I don't have a moment of panic thinking about how much our lives are going to change once he gets here, but seeing how excited Joel is to be a Dad and how much he loves our little boy already makes me excited to be a mommy and grow our little family!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year! I have been seriously neglecting this blog over the last few months. I've just come to terms with the fact that I am not organized enough to blog things in chronological order.
Today I am posting about the New Year and, per usual, I will post about Christmas into the first couple weeks of January.
But first...an important announcement!
 We are going to be parents! Our baby is due June 22nd. We find out the gender in February.
I am 15 weeks  and 3 days, and I am very lucky that I have had no morning sickness or nausea. 
What I experienced is extreme fatigue, and somewhat loss of my appetite.
I haven't really had any cravings, except for sweet and sour cabbage salad from a local teriyaki place...and according to Joel, "crisp lettuce and veggies" haha. 
I haven't felt the baby move yet (that I noticed) and I'm not really showing yet, although I think I may be starting to get a little baby bump (it's hard to tell through my chub--I'll just say it's a baby bump haha!)
 For New Year's Eve this year, we had hoped to have a few family members over to celebrate with food and games.,
 However, it snowed (not here) and kept them from coming over.
 So I'm sharing my cute decorations on here, because no one got to see them!
So Joel and I went out for sushi for dinner (don't worry, I had the cooked kind!).
Afterward we drove around town to look at people's Christmas light displays.
 Then we had a quiet evening at home. I fell asleep at 9:30 and woke up shortly before the countdown to see J-lo shaking her booty. Dang that girl can dance!
 Below were my top 9 "liked" photos on Instagram, and I'll give a little recap on the year :) 
-We lived our first year in our new house
-We vacationed in Las Vegas & Mexico (my first time out of the country!)
-We hiked and camped, and I lost my wedding ring on a summer adventure
-Joel's football team made it to the quarter finals for playoffs and I had fun going to all the games with my fellow coach's wife and crafting buddy
-We found out we were pregnant
-We bought our first new car
-We celebrated 5 years of marriage in Bend and Joel surprised me with a new wedding ring
-We enjoyed a lovely holiday season with family and friends!
So far my New Year's resolutions are as follows:
-stick to a weekly cleaning schedule
-organize all of our closets
-have friends and family over more often
-Read more and spend less time on my phone
-Finish our Mexico vacation scrapbook
-Get ready for the baby!
It almost still doesn't really feel real that we are going to be parents in less than a year!
As much as I prolonged making the decision to become parents, It's impossible not to be excited! 
Here's to new life in the new year!