Monday, August 14, 2017

The First Official "How to be a Wildflower Club" meeting; Exploring Lincoln City

I started a club this summer with my mom, grandma, aunt and a family friend, called "How to be a Wildflower Club" where we have outings and create things using Katie Daisy's "How to be a Wildflower" as our inspiration. We all  adore this book, and we decided that anyone who loves this  book as much as we do, is a wildflower, and may join our club.
For our first club meeting, we decided to go explore Lincoln City, and we painted rocks to take with us and hide for unsuspecting people to find.
Our first stop, of course, was lunch at the Wildflower Grill.
We hid rock number 1 here.
We got a much later start to our day than I had intended, as I am learning that is just life when you have a baby! This was our first time visiting the Wildflower Grill and I was surprised to see how busy it was even for a late lunch on a week day, on a not-so-sunny day!
 We were fortunate to be seated in the back covered patio with a beautiful view.
We adored the handmade floral print napkins.
Each of us had the beautiful bay shrimp salad.
I had envisioned us having a leisurely lunch where we sat around discussing our favorite page in the book and picking our "wildflower spirit names", however, my baby boy was being fussy and we ended up taking turns holding him so I could eat! I was very worried and stressed about him crying int the restaurant and disturbing other customer's lunch, but our waiter was
 very kind about it and put me at ease. My mom just laughed at me for having "first time mom nerves".
You might notice, that we are all wearing something floral. 
It is a rule that when participating in a club meeting, one must wear flowers.
After lunch, our next stop was the Connie Hansen Garden.
This is a hidden little gem! I just googled "things to do in Lincoln City" and this came up.
A perfect discovery for the wild flower club! It's right off of highway 101 tucked away in a neighborhood street. It is free to tour; they accept donations and there is a gift shop as well.
We were in heaven!!
Get ready for flower overload!
I think I've decided that Cosmos are my favorite flower at the moment.
We saw several large bumble bees enjoying the flowers as well.
We found a painted rock & left one of ours in it's place!
Oh my, I didn't even post all of the beautiful pictures we took at the garden, but if you get a chance to visit Lincoln City, make sure to stop by and see it!
Our next little pit stop was to the "Christmas Cottage".
This is one of my favorite little shops to visit whenever I am in Lincoln City--I mean who doesn't love Christmas all year round?! 
I purchased a lovely little beehive & flower ornament to commemorate our trip as well as some wildflower playing cards! My aunt bought each a different little wildflower and animal card and surprised us with them at the end of our night. I got a fox sitting next to foxgloves.
Once we finally made it out to the beach, the fog had set in, and the weather got a little gloomier, which is to be expected on the Oregon coast.
Saltwater taffy is a must whenever you visit the coast.
 We stopped in a one of my favorite little hole in the wall cafes "Eleanor's Undertow" to have ice cream with a mermaid. This is where my mom left her rock.
Then we went down to the beach to sit on a log and enjoy some snacks.
After being a mom for 2 months, I finally breastfed in public for the first time.
It wasn't very easy, but I had some help from the other wildflowers with burping and such :)
Our last little rendezvous before heading home, was to stop and hide the rest of our rocks. 
I hope that it brought a smile to whoever found them!
I am so blessed to have family and friends who not only participate in my crazy ideas, but embrace them! We are already planning our next wildflower club outing.
Now I just need to find the time to paint all those lovely flowers!