Saturday, February 8, 2014

First Post: Finding Your Inner Hippo

Well, "snowpocalypse 2014" has trapped me in my house all alone, while my husband is in San Fran. So what do I decide to do? Clean house? Work on choreography? Finish a painting? Nope, I decided to start a blog! 

The background behind my title comes from a question posed to me my senior year of high school: If you were an animal what would you be? The answer actually came to me fairly quickly. Earlier that year I had learned that Hippos were actually quite ferocious fighters despite looking super cute and friendly. I have always felt that people put me in a box because I am short, sweet, and somewhat quiet. I was labeled as "shy", and called "cute" by people younger than me. While those things don't bother me quite so much now that I have grown up some, they did in high school.

So my answer was: a Hippo, because I may look cute and friendly but if you set me off I can fight back. Of course, often my fighting back was followed by me feeling horrible and then apologizing, but the point was that I had a back bone. I was not afraid to debate people on issues that I felt passionately about. So despite the box that many people put me in, I feel that I have been stepping out of it little by little as I grow.

Are you a closet hippo? What secret talents and passions are you hiding? What is the spark that will inspire you to attack the world?

Despite the special place in my heart for hippos, I have yet to include a hippo in my home decor. Here are some items I love!

Hippo Love
Hippo Love by barbieforeverett featuring gold home decor 
1. Striped t shirt / 2. Gold home decor /3. Home decor / 4. Wall art / 5. Vase6. Holiday decoration
7. imm Living King's Subject Hippopotamus Container

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