Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snopocalypse Day 4

My goodness! That last uphill stretch of the Olympic Men's Cross Country Skiathalon made me tired just watching it! What an exciting finish and what amazing athleticism! 
Let's see, day 4 of Snopocalypse: I did get around to cleaning house today. I watched lots of Olympics. 13 going on 30 was on TV and even though I own it and have seen it a million times I watched anyway...and enjoyed it :) I also made a craft today. I was inspired by a post on the blog "My Crafty Spot". You can get the directions to the craft by clicking on the link below.

Gold Glitter and Felt Rosette Love Sign | My Crafty Spot - When Life Gets Creative

I had to make do with the materials I had on hand so I didn't make a felt heart I just used glitter paper and I wish I had gold glitter paper instead of silver because the silver doesn't stand out as much but still cute!
Here is my version:

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