Monday, February 10, 2014

Snowpacolypse Day 5: My Husband is Home!!!!

My husband is finally home!!! He brought me goodies from IKEA and he put them together for me! Unfortunately I have discovered that our home is too small for the shoe cabinets he brought me so I may have to remove some of my wall decorations to make it fit :( Sigh, the dilemma of style vs. organization. But now maybe we won't have shoes lying around everywhere--maybe we should get rid of some of our shoes, we BOTH have too many.

Speaking of things I don't need. I came across this dress on Nordstrom's Hautelook today and I fell in love with it! Wouldn't this be so fun for a New Year's Eve party?

I will go to bed dreaming of wearing this dress somewhere! Sweet dreams!

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