Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday Wisdom

I love the Mountains
I love the Rolling Hills
I love the Flowers
I love the Daffodils
I really do. Those lyrics are from a song that I learned in elementary school. I wish I could escape to the mountains today! Lately I seem to be getting worked up over things that people say that are just unthoughtful and uneducated. My poor husband has to listen to me get worked up and debate and argue with myself because it's not worth it to me to lose friends over trivial things. And then I remember that instead of getting grumpy and mad that I should pray. Not pray for them to see things my way, but pray for blessings upon them so that they will follow God's path for them and ultimately see things his way. Maybe my way's not the same. Anyway, I really wish I could just get out into the Wilderness away from it all!
So my "wisdom" for today is, when you get mad, pray instead of lashing out and, if you can, get OUTSIDE today!!! It's gorgeous out!

Happy Wednesday!

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