Thursday, August 28, 2014

The life of a short curvy woman...

This past weekend I got to help my beautiful cousin celebrate her birthday. My two cousins are on the left and my cousin's best friend is next to me. It was nice to visit because I don't get to see them very often! I have to say, however, that this picture is the story of my life...the short chunk on the end! Definitely brought back some memories....
Short chunk on the end...I had horrible tan lines in this wedding! The groom told me it was OK because it was a read neck wedding any way haha. Oh boy.
Short chunk on the least my tan lines were gone in this picture!!
One thing I can say, is that even though I have a different pose in the first picture I posted, I am pleased to say that I can notice my arms are getting skinnier! Maybe all the Zumba and jog/walking and hiking I've been doing this summer is starting to pay off a little!

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