Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Willamette Country Music Festival Day 3

I am so glad I was raised in a small country town! Visiting the city is nice, but they can keep their shopping malls and their traffic. I'll take the occasional butt crack on the side of the road and tractors holding up traffic on the back roads if it means I get to enjoy the beautiful pine trees and farmers fields and the smell of the country side in the twilight.
Day three we started out watching Pam Tillis. I didn't really know who she was until I saw her here. My parents had seen her father, Mel Tillis, a few years ago in concert. I did recognize a couple of her songs and even the ones I didn't know were still pretty cute.
I adore her pink cowboy boots.
She brought a bunch of the guys helpers up on stage to reminisce about one her music videos when she had a bunch of strong guys carry her around all day.
The traditional but shake that guys do when they are "dancing". No country girls shaking it!

Next up was Sara Evans. I saw Sara Evans in concert over 10 years ago at the Oregon State Fair. I was pretty excited at the time because I just bought her new CD and "Back Seat of the Greyhound Bus" had just been released. I was looking forward to seeing her again because she has a beautiful voice. To be honest, I did not enjoy her concert. She was kind of weird. She mostly stayed on the left side of the stage and sang to the left side. She also walked out on the cat walk and stayed there pretty much the entire show instead of staying on the stage with her band. To top it off, the last 3 songs she sang were pop songs that aren't hers and she didn't even sing "Back Seat of the Greyhound Bus". I was not impressed with her performance.
Loved being surrounded by the hills of trees.

So many people!
Here's our family picture! Met up with my Brother & Sister-in-Law and my adorable nephew. He's too cute!
What I Wore: Tank: American Eagle (outlets) // Shorts: Target // Boots: Madden Girl // Earrings: BeeCrowBee (Joseph, Oregon)
We saw someone else walking around with these nachos and decided that's what we had to get for dinner. We got the last dollop of sour cream!
These nachos fed all three of us!
The last concert of the weekend was Blake Shelton. He was the perfect act to close out the show! I got to see him 4 years ago right after he came out with Hillbilly Bone. He was great then, but it's crazy how many more hit songs he has had since then! This time every single song he sang was his and they were all hits. 
Sunset. There was an older couple a few rows a head of me that had a cut out of Blake Shelton wearing a plaid shirt and they wore matching plaid shirts. It was really cute. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them but the concert started before I could get to them.
Black Shelton really is just a great entertainer. He is so funny! He totally called out this old couple and showed them on the big screen because the guy was groping his wife during "Ol' Red". He went on and on and then finally told him he was going to sing a romantic song next for them. 
He took us back to his old days and sang some of his first big hits, and reminded us of his cowboy hat and mullet :)

He got us all to wave our cell phones to his song Home. All in all it was just a great end to a fabulous weekend. I loved spending time with my parents, and people watching, and listening to the music, and dressing country cute. Country music festivals are so much fun. Next summer I think I might want to camp out! I guess I will have to make sure to go to one that's not the same time as football camp though!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

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