Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of School

 Alas, I have no children to take "first day of school" pics, but today, was the first day of teaching for BOTH me and my husband so I took pics of us :) He made fun of me. Long day for me! Straight after school I had a 2 hour dance team practice to coach, and then had to wait an hour for a booster club meeting so I didn't get home until almost 9 O'clock, and then I had to work on tweaking lesson plans for tomorrow. Hence, why I am just now posting this at almost 11 pm. When I finally got home, I tell my husband everything that happened today without breathing in about 10 minutes. I finished and ask how his 1st day of teaching went. His response: Fine
 As a PE teacher, I don't really get to have cute "teaching" outfits. If I were a classroom teacher, I would probably wear a dress everyday. So I get my fashion fix through my sneakers. Here's a snap of my new school shoes :)
Had to take a "first day of school selfie" to show you my worst night mare: I ran out of hairspray!! So I have some fly aways that just wouldn't stay. As you can see I'm still a little sleepy as well.
Today was definitely a learning experience. Had one great class, a couple of so-so classes, and some big time chaos during mandatory PE recess. I think my favorite thing about the day, was when the other PE teacher introduced me to one of his classes, and he pointed to our white board (one half is mine & one half is his) and said "what do you notice about Mrs Everett?" One student raised his hand and said "She likes to decorate!" Ha! He's got me pegged! I wish I had a picture of my side of the board for you! I have a bunting banner and a quotes and I did everything in rainbow colors! I will have to take a pic to show you! 

Even though today was Wednesday, it sure felt like Monday!
Hope you all are having a great back to school week!

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  1. I think your hair is super cute even without hairspray! Your pictures are the cutest and one day you will be really glad you took them! Joel too. Hope you have a great school year!! Bring fashion and decorating back to PE.