Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Love is Patient, Love is Kind

I have an ugly confession to make. Sometimes I loose my temper and yell at my husband. It's embarrassing to admit. Every time it happens I always feel awful afterward and I don't know why I let myself get so worked up. I am grateful that he never loses is temper back, or says hurtful things to me. He always stays calm and is patient, and forgives me. I feel like God is showing me his love through my husband. Even though I sin and fall short of the Glory of God daily, He never "yell's back at me", He forgives me every time and shows me mercy. I often have a difficult time viewing God in personable ways, but when I think of how my husbands treats me when I am not very nice to him, I know that God is using him to show me His love and mercy. Thank you God for my husband. Please help me to control my temper and not use hurtful or unkind words when I am upset or angry. Please help me to be a better Wife to my husband.

Happy Tuesday!

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