Tuesday, October 14, 2014

80th Bday Party

A couple of weekends ago, we celebrated my Grandpa's 80th birthday. My mom put together this photo board of my Grandpa to celebrate. He has some pretty cool pictures as he served in the Korean War, he was an amateur boxer and just an all around busy guy.

My Grandpa loves history and politics, and black licorice ;)
We combined the celebration with my Grandpa's step-grandson's "100 Day" celebration, which is a traditional celebration in the Korean culture.
So we're not super sophisticated--we like pizza, chips and soda for a good party!
   My Grandpa's wife is Korean and she made traditional Korean foods: pot stickers, waterlilly roots, kimchi, and other goodies. It was a fun blend of our two cultures.
For Baby Charles's 100 day celebration we wrote him well wishes for the future, and my mom got him his first set of chopsticks.
I love all of these pictures of my Grandpa. I am so lucky to have them.
And now comes the barrage of family pictures: one with all of the guys...

 One with all the ladies...
One with all of the grandkids that were there (were missing a few).
 My youngest brother bought my Grandpa a "Beavers Grandpa" shirt. My Grandpa started his college degree at OSU and then transferred to UofO to finish and graduate. He always regretted it and so he never tells anyone that he graduated from UofO. It's the skeleton in his closet ;)
My Mom with baby Charles
 My brothers & me with Grandpa (missing my older brother)
What I wore: Dress: Old Navy // Sweater: Target // Earrings: Old
 Our family. Missing my hubs because he was sick, and my brother & his wife, but I love this picture. It was a very nice day!

  Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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  1. Oh man homemade Korean food too! I hope you saved me some Kimchi! :) I bet our Grandpa's would be good friends.