Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Night Lights

Last week the high school team that my husband coaches played my old high school for their homecoming. The final score was, like, 52-0...My high school lost. Not much has changed since I was in high school! I think my senior year our football team won 1 game. Oh well, at least our dance team was good ;)
The town that my husband and I live in has a huge 4th of July fireworks display every year, and they donate the leftovers to the high school for homecoming. After every touchdown they shoot one off and then at the end of the game they light off what was left!

Joel's parents came, my parents came & my younger brother. Here he is telling us details about the win :)

Even though being a football widow really sucks sometimes, it can be fun too. I am really proud of my husband for coaching in such a great football program. Tonight is going to be a HUGE game as we are ranked number 2 and we are playing the number 1 ranked team. I so hope we win!!

Happy Friday & Have a Great Weekend!

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