Thursday, October 2, 2014

No Man is an Island

Just thought I would share what I read in my devotional this morning from "Jesus Calling", because it really resonated with me today. 

"Never take for granted My intimate nearness. Marvel at the wonder of My continual Presence with you. Even the most ardent human lover cannot be with you always. Nor can another person know that intimacies of your heart, mind, and spirit. I know everything about you--even the number of hairs on your head. You don't need to work at revealing yourself to Me.
Many people spend a lifetime or a small fortune searching for someone who understands them. Yet I am freely available to all who call upon My Name, who open their hearts to receive Me as Savior. This simple act of faith is the beginning of a lifelong love story. I, the lover of your soul, understand you perfectly and love you eternally."

Throughout my life, and even now as an adult, I have often felt like a misfit. Reading this devotional today, helped me to feel validated. Jesus understands my hurts and frustrations, and he knows why I feel sometimes bitter or angry. Does he want me to dwell on these things or act poorly because of them? I am sure he does not--but he understands me and I don't have to explain myself to him. I have been throwing myself pity parties for years and taking Jesus for granted. He is always there and he wants to be my friend, and yet I'm always searching elsewhere. 

I hope you allow Jesus to validate you today, he understands you, let him be your friend.

Happy Thursday!

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