Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 New Year's Resolution

I stole this from a friend's Facebook status:
Awhile back I heard about a great alternative to making a "New Year's Resolution"... Instead choose one word that you will try to embody for the year. Rather than "do" or "don't do".... Let's "be" something. In the past my words have included, "forgiving, compassionate, and worthy."

The first word that came to my mind was "Brave".
While I wish that mean brave about big things like skydiving and being adventurous, the truth is, I need to be brave about the little things (for the record I have NO interest in skydiving!).
I am an introvert living in an extrovert's world. For me being brave means, answering the phone to a number I don't know, being more independent, not procrastinating on things that are uncomfortable (like organizing the huge dance competition my team is hosting in February), and sometimes being brave means, doing what's best for me. I often get stubborn about things and stay on one path because I don't want to let other people down,or I'm worried about what others might think, instead of praying and asking what God wants.
Yes. This year I want to  be brave, and even as I write this post, I come to the realization that being brave means having faith and trusting that God's plans might be different for me than what I think they will be or what I think I want. I want to be brave enough to follow God along the journey he is taking me on.

So Happy New Year, happy 2015! Let's make it a great year.
What word do you choose? Leave a comment!

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