Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Blue, Summer Backyard Wedding Reception

Back in July, I got to attend a wedding reception for a dear friend! We've been friends since the 6th grade and we were roommates our freshmen year of college. She had her ceremony in Mexico, so I was so pleased to get to go to her wedding reception!
Sorry for the selfie. I am being vain. I was pleased with how my hair turned out though, and I wanted to show off my ear jackets from bauble bar. I'm really liking this new trend! I think earrings are especially fun when you have short hair.
The wedding reception was in the Bride's parent's backyard. When we were growing up my mom and I always thought that their backyard would be a beautiful place for a wedding!
Their cute little barn. All of the food was set up inside, and it was delicious!
The bride and groom with the Father of the Bride.
There were so many pretty details! Janell and her family really put a lot of work into decorating!

The bride and groom came around to each table to visit.
They had a beautiful set up for their desserts--and there were a TON of pretty desserts!

This is my favorite picture of them at the reception. They look so happy!

It was really nice to get to visit with friends from home that I don't get to see very often!
Of course there was lots of dancing! Me and Janell getting down with our Dads :)

More friends!
More dancing!
Janell and I with each others' brothers :) I have missed Andrew!
Such a sweet couple.

There was a really cute little bar area.
This shows pictures of the bride and groom at different ages growing up.

Quite the party!
Haha, my parents dancing at the table, while Joel and add are annoyed with me taking a picture!
My sweetheart :)
Beautiful lights at twilight!
What are they looking at?
My parents dancing!
There was a selfie station with lots of fun props!
We took a Polaroid in front of the backdrop and then wrote a message on it and clipped it to the chicken wire windows. Such a good idea!
For favors, they gave cookies and rice crispy treats. Janell loves cats, so they found some clever ways to sneak cats into the wedding--aren't those kitty cookies cute?

Our parents. Lots of fun memories growing up. Hoping we can get together more often!
More beautiful decorations.

One last picture of the beautiful lights. It was such a fun reception! I definitely danced so much I got hot and sweaty but it was worth it :) Congrats Janell and Mike!
I just love weddings!
Happy Tuesday :)

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