Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Aqua Decor, Clean Kitchen & Peach Cherry Bourbon Chicken

I recently went through and d-cluttered my tiny kitchen, and bought a pineapple, and I thought it looked so nice I would share it here on my blog. It's funny, because if anyone asks me what my favorite color is, I will say yellow, because I like what it represents, yet in reality, I am always drawn to the cool color aqua.
In this particular picture, I had gotten up early, made my breakfast and was enjoying the cool breeze floating in through the window on my left. A nice treat during this very hot Oregon summer.
Mugs & Bowl: Fiesta Ware // Bird Butter Dish: World Market // Utensil Pitcher: Home Goods

After d-cluttering, I was feeling rather homemaker-ish so I decided to take a crack at cooking something different than the usual. Earlier this summer I tried making the Pioneer Woman's Peach Whiskey Chicken. Well, as per usual, Joel and I didn't follow the recipe to a tee, and it just didn't turn out quite right. So on this day, I though I would try it again, but instead I just used the idea of the sauce and did my own thing.

Here's what I did: We bought frozen chicken drumsticks, and baked them in our slow cooker for a few hours on high heat. Once they were cooked, I threw them on our indoor grill to crisp them up a bit.
For the sauce I just mixed together: honey bbq sauce, honey, peach preserves, and Cherry Reserve Bourbon (Sorry, this girl doesn't measure when she experiments). Just mix it and taste until it tastes how you like. Then I brushed the glaze on the chicken, and done! It was soo good!
I try to be Martha Stewart-y, but I just don't quite make the cut. This is a bag mix salad. Probably fancier than I would make myself, however. I believe it was called the "Summer Salad". I always add onions though!
Well, at least my husband liked it! I will probably be making it again!
What's your favorite chicken or salad recipe?
Happy Tuesday!

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