Monday, August 17, 2015

Current Obsessions & House Update

Hey everyone! I feel like every post this summer has started out with "I'm so behind on blogging!" but it's the truth! I have a wedding, Wallowa Lake trip, Oregon Jamboree and a quick visit to Central Oregon to blog still! I also have exciting news on our house buying process: we found a house that we really liked, put an offer in on it was accepted!! It has a beautiful view from the backyard, a stone patio and an amazing master bathroom! We are waiting for a home inspection and appraisal before we can start calling it ours, but I am feeling relieved. We could be moved in by the first week of October!
This morning as I was browsing through front porch ideas on Pinterest, I got real excited and told Joel, "We will have a porch to put pumpkins on this year! We will actually have to carve some!" Let's just say Joel wasn't quite as excited about it as I am, haha. The poor guy, I keep bombarding him with all these ideas about decorating. I've started prefacing everything I say with "I'm not trying to stress you out, and I don't expect this all to happen right away but wouldn't it be cool if..." Oh dear, my poor husband!
Since my other posts are time consuming and I have not organized them yet, I thought I would just share some of my current obsessions with you :)

1. La Croix Berry Flavored Sparkling Water: I first bought this with the intention of making white wine   spritzers, but I started drinking it by itself. I wasn't really sure if I liked it at first, but the more I tried it the more I liked it! There is no added sweetener or sodium, it is just a natural berry flavor. I like it because, it kind of feels like I'm drinking something special because of the carbonation, but it's not unhealthy and it hydrates you just like drinking regular water (read this)! There's been times this summer where I was thinking about having a soda of a glass of wine, but I ended up have a sparkling water instead. Also a plus: the cans are a pretty color of pink and they have tons of different flavors! I do my grocery shopping at a local store and they only carry a few flavors but Target carries much more.
2. TheBalm "Read My Lips" lip gloss: I got this lip gloss in my July Birch Box, and I love it! First of all, the color: it's called "rose pink". What I like about it is that it's a pretty color pink, but it looks natural. It just enhances your natural lip color. Not too pink, a little bit coral-y. It also smells fruity and it isn't too sticky. I wear it on an everyday basis and it makes me feel a little more put together, but not too made-up.
3. Lime juice and garlic powder: Okay, nothing special here, I just am loving these flavors together this summer and I've been seasoning everything with it. It makes grilled chicken breasts fabulous.
4. Pendleton Blankets: I think these are so pretty. I am really liking the "southwestern" tribal prints right now. It reminds me of exploring and being out in the beautiful Oregon wilderness.
 I would love to have just one of these blankets, but they are pricey! Maybe someday.

And now we move into my home decor inspiration obsession.
The house is very move-in-ready. The only changes to make are cosmetic ones, just because we want to, not because we need to. I've been trying to focus on little things that I can do right away, like paint color, etc., so I have recently zeroed in on the master bathroom.
The picture on the left is kind of what our set up is with the tub, built in below a smaller window (I accidentally cropped out the chandelier hanging above). The picture on the right is my color inspiration.
The pictures below are just all bathrooms with chandeliers above the tub, and colors/feels that I like :)
I would like to add shelves like the picture above on the left, because currently it's just a blank wall next to our tub. I am very into white, aqua and grey lately, and I am always into chandeliers :) I doing again? Should I not be planning until the house is FOR SURE ours?
Joel keeps telling me not to get attached until we have the inspection and the appraisal done and everything is verified in good condition, but I can't help it! There are so many possibilities and I love decorating!

Happy Monday!

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