Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Painting Inspiration: Do It For The Process

If you've been following my blog from the get go, you may have noticed that I enjoy creating art!
I'm that great, but I enjoy doing it and sometimes I even think my pieces turn out pretty well.
I've always enjoyed arts and crafts etc. growing up and in high school I took art class all four years. 
My senior year I took an independent study class, where I just got studio time every day to created whatever I wanted. It was awesome! I got to experiment with different mediums and my art teacher gave me tips and suggestions as I went. I don't paint quite as often as I would like, partially due to lack of space! In the picture below I was sitting on the floor, painting at my coffee table--good thing it's a hand-me down coffee table from Joel's bachelor pad that is already chipped and dented!
My youngest brother moved out on his own into his very first apartment this summer. He was talking with me about how he'd like to set up his apartment and what colors he liked. My mom and I went to IKEA with him and then made him go into Home Goods, and he was commenting that he liked blues.
So I told him I would paint him a picture for his apartment.
I used a picture that he took for inspiration. I'm pretty sure it was taken at a golf course (he used to work at one, and it is his favorite sport), but you can't really tell, haha! Here is the comparison.
I used acrylic paint. Most of paintings are in acrylic, it a very easy medium to use.
I also got inspired to paint a pineapple! Pineapple is my favorite fruit!
Joel and I randomly bought one this summer, and it was sitting on our kitchen counter next to a pitcher I had bought, and I was inspired by the colors and the patterns.
Pineapples are very geometric. I created and abstracted version.
The inspiration:
It turned out a little cartoon-ish, but I like the colors. I discovered a hashtag on Instagram called
"do it for the process" and I've taken it to heart. I may not love everything I create, but if don't try it and keep doing it then I'm never going to get better. It's about the process.
So I decided to hang it above my temporary bar cart.
Speaking of bar carts, I have craft stuff in the bottom half, but I did fix up the top!
The pink goblets were a birthday present from my mother-in-law. I love them!
What's your artistic medium?
Have you done it lately?
Do it for the process!

Happy Wednesday!

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