Monday, September 14, 2015

First Day of School

We made it through our first week of school and now we are about to start our first FULL week of school!
We did a little back to school shopping, and we were conservative since we are at the end of our summer money. I got a water proof jacket and a fanny pack. I already used the fanny pack on the day I had to be outside and I love it! I put band aids, and pencils and reward tickets, and my phone it it. I had 2 students need band aids and I was prepared! The batter on my watch is dead so I was able to check my the time on my phone, in my fanny pack, and not have to worry about dropping it or leaving it out. I have had a request for a fanny picture, so there will be one shortly :)
I truly love that my husband and I get to share careers. It's so nice being married to a fellow teacher and coach. He keeps me sane, and I fill the silence ;) At least I didn't overwhelm him talking about my first day as much as I did last year (I have a tendency to carry on when I'm excited.)
I am loving being full time. There are a lot of changes at my school this year, some a little stressful, but ultimately I'm feeling more a part of my school and ready to take it on!
Dance team is also taking off, I have a really great group of girls out--6 freshmen and 1 junior! 
We are having a second tryout this week so hopefully we can add more.
I promise that just because I am posting about school that I haven't forgotten about the summer posts I have yet to share. This week was soo hot, it was feeling like summer!
Let the good times roll--
Update: I meant to post this this morning, but I forgot---I my word, first day of all day Kindergarten today...I only had 2 classes for 30 minutes each and it wiped me out! Total circus! I definitely need to keep working on management skills and strategies...PRAY FOR ME!!
Happy new school year!

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