Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Entryway Decor

Well, it seems like the only time I get blogging done these days, is when I am sick! This sickness just keeps hanging in there, but I finally realized its because I am not resting for long enough. So I was talked into taking time off to rest. I am feeling better, but this cough is still hanging in there!

Our home is slowly coming together. Little by little, I am figuring out where to hang and place things. It's still a mess, but each week it's a little bit less of a mess. 
I was very excited to finally get to hang up this cute welcome sign on our front door. It was a wedding gift from a dear college friend and roommate.
I finally got some things hung in the entry way.
The "Everett" picture was a wedding present from my cousin and his wife. The mirrored cabinet was a gift from my mom. I spray painted the E, it used to be about the same color as the walls, but metallic, so I decided we needed more contrast. The "grateful heart" sign I actually discovered on instagram. There is a local business called "The Missing Piece Rustic Decor", and it is a husband and wife team who make a variety of delightful wooden signs. I saw this one on instagram and found out they were selling at the Fussy Duck in Salem, and I was able to snag it!
I'm hoping to eventually get a console table to put under the E. It would be nice to be able to hide some extra shoes and keys and purses, and fill up that blank space!

I love this sign. It's something that I will keep up all year long, but it's especially appropriate to hang for the Thanksgiving season. I'm definitely grateful for all the blessings in my life! 

Happy Wednesday!

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