Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween: DIY Mermaid Costume & More

This Halloween, I got to dress up on three different occasions.
 Every year at the dance studio I teach at, students & staff are supposed to wear a costume to class the week of Halloween. I took this opportunity to wear something different than my costume and pulled together a hippie outfit. PS one of my 9 year old students didn't know what a hippie was. This picture was with 2 of my middle school students. They are pretty amusing.
 I attend an aerobic dance class called "Diva Dance". They had a costume dress up night as well. So I had to wear a costume that matched the tone of the class. I ran into Walmart at the last minute to try to get cat ears, and they just so happened to have leopard ears & bow tie, which matched the top I was planning on wearing. I also ran into some other members getting last minute costumes as well ;)
We're missing a few people from the picture, because more came later. Pretty fun night!
 These leggings were the inspiration for my actual Halloween costume!
I am a makeup amateur, but I sure had fun creating a mermaid look! Finally getting to use some of those crazy colors in my eye shadow palettes! I think this is also the first time I have worn false eyelashes since the last time I actually dressed up for Halloween, like 6 years ago haha.
Finished product! I had to get a wig, because mermaids do not have short hair.
 Me & my pirate :)
 We were invited to a party hosted by a family that Joel coaches with, and they just so happen to live within walking distance from our new house! Of course, it was raining cats and dogs so, like the true princess I am, I made Joel drive ;)
End of the night with some of the party attendees.
I hope you had a Happy Halloween!
Now we can start listening to Christmas music!!!


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