Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

 Well, Christmas is over and we have finally taken down all of our Christmas decorations.
 So to fill the void of the Holiday season being over, I am finally doing a post on our Christmas tree :)
Joel and I went to get our Christmas tree a couple days after Thanksgiving this year. 
The weather was absolutely beautiful, but it was very muddy due to all the rain!!
It took us quite a while to find the perfect tree, as I was being pretty pick--and not in the way you would think; 
I was looking for an ugly tree! 
My family always got a big noble with large gaps when I was growing up, 
and I'm very nostalgic so that is the type of tree that I like.
 We finally found one that was to my standards, and of course there were several dead branches on the bottom that 
we had to saw off, and then it ended up being a lot so our tree was a little bare on one side!  
 A selfie with me and the most patient man in the world. We ended up using this picture for our Christmas card.
 It read "Have your Selfie a Merry Little Christmas". Even though Joel get's annoyed with taking selfies, 
he actually picked out the design, which was great, because it was one of my top choices :) 
I always like to do before & after pictures with our tree. Notice the big bare spot in the back?
 I insisted on putting the lights on myself this year so that I could have more lights. Joel usually just ropes them around the tree, but I wanted them wrapped around every branch...which led to me running out of lights a little over half way up the tree,
 and then having to go on a wild goose chase to a few different targets to find enough to finish.
 The finished product. I love decorating the tree. Most of the ornaments have memories or meanings attached to them. 
Each year we make additions to the collection.
 Joel ordered this custom cardinal ornament with our names on it and gave it to me as an early anniversary present.
 Red birds were a part of our wedding theme and decor, so they always have a special place in my heart.
 My aunt & uncle gave us this lion as a gift this year. My aunt picked it out because I painted a lion's head in high school that my mom framed and hung up. I like to think of this lion as "Aslan" from the Narnia series, guarding our tree.
 Of course I had to get this hippo ornament I came across while Christmas shopping at Crate & Barrel, for obvious reasons.
This is the ornament that Joel & I picked out together to represent our year.
We picked a house, because 2015 was the year we bought our first home!
 Oh sparkly, glass ornaments, you are so pretty, but you take soo long to put away!
And just like that...Christmas is gone.
Fortunately, since we had a three day weekend, we were able to get out and purchase some more items for our home,
 and find some new ways to organize what we already have!
Next step: get those wires covered up & fill the shelves...
Of course I have to be honest...we still have a Christmas tree up in our bedroom that I need to take down!
I am feeling excited for what this new year has to hold!

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