Wednesday, June 15, 2016

San Jose del Cabo Mexico

It's actually happening! My passport came and Joel & I will be vacationing in Mexico this summer!
It will be my first time out of the country (aside from Canada when I was 8, but that doesn't count!)
We will be staying at the Worldmark Coral Baja Resort
I've been researching things to do in San Jose del Cabo, and here is what I have found that I would like to do:

1: Visit the Main Square
(I mean, how pretty is that!)
2. Art Walk
San Jose del Cabo is known for it's art galleries, and there are walking tours you can do of all the galleries!
3. Visit the Blown Glass Factory
One of the beautiful forms of art available, is blown glass.

4. Shopping
A girl can't vacation without shopping! Look at the beautiful colors in this pottery!
I've read that Plaza Artesanos is great place to shop for local handmade items.

5. Hang out at the beautiful Beaches!
Costa Azul Beach
We might have to spend a day in Cabo San Lucas as well because I would love to see the famous Lovers Beach (San Jose del Cabo is about a half hour away from Cabo San Lucas)
7. Tequila Tasting
When in Rome, er, Mexico!
6. Eat!
I've discovered some beautiful restaurants!
The One&Only Palmilla
I mean, that bar!

Flora Farm Bar
Ten Tu Taco
Supposedly, they have really amazing fish tacos... I LOVE fish tacos, so I naturally I will have to try them if they are on the menu.
Don Sanchez
Lobster in White Mole...sounds delicious!
La Osteria

I could probably do an entire blog post just on all the beautiful restaurants and bars I have found, so I will stop!

I am excited and little nervous!
Have you ever been to Mexico?
The Cabo area?
Any tips for me?
Share them!

On a side note; one more day of work and then sweet freedom!!!

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