Tuesday, July 19, 2016

San Jose del Cabo Vacation: Downtown Art Walk & La Lupita

Alas, we come to my last vacation post.
Our last night in San Jose del Cabo we spent downtown at the "Art Walk".
We were lucky because it was the last one of the season!
The Mission of San Jose del Cabo is right in the town square.
 I regret that I did not explore a little bit more in here, and that I did not really read about the history.
 I will have to read up a little on my own.
 There are art galleries all surrounding the historic town square, and local artists set up shop in the town square as well.
 It was a feast for the eyes and I was in color heaven. 
 We went to dinner at La Lupita, at the suggestion of a local at our resort.
P.S. I highly recommend TOMS for traveling.
Not only are they super lightweight and easy to pack, but I have worn them all over Disneyland
 and Cabo and my feet never hurt or got tired.
 I loved all of the colors and decoration.
 I don't remember what they name of this cocktail was. I think it had Lupita in the name, but it was good. It was basically like a margarita. La Lupita has about 20 different types of tacos. I tried two, and Joel tried three. I don't even remember what all we had, but I do remember the "cheese crust pastor". It's a taco with a fried cheese crust and pork. It was very good, and also probably pretty unhealthy, but hey we were on vacation right?
You can't really tell in this picture, but there is a stage right below the sugar skull, and they often have live music perform. 
Joel and I were there to early in the evening though.
 They served us our check in this cool box! 
 Random cool car parked downtown. 
 We purchased most of our souvenirs at the shop pictured below.
 We bought ourselves this beautiful blanket, shot glasses, and a Christmas ornament.
 We didn't make to the glass factory that I posted about before we left, hopefully next time!
We pick out 1 special ornament to represent our year every Christmas. This will be our special one for this year to represent our first vacation out of the country together!
I love all of the random paintings and bright colors.
 Oh the colors!
 This art gallery had sensors hooked up to the stairs so that when you walked on them they made music.
 This was the entrance to a plaza of several shops. The most beautiful glass lantern shop. I would have loved to have taken pictures, in more of the shops, but I didn't think the artists would appreciate it. Here's just a small set of the glass lanterns,
 and this picture really doesn't do it justice. 
After we finished our shopping we watched a local dance troupe perform in the town square,
 and finished our night off with some churros :) 
 The next morning it was time to go back home :(
Our checkout time was a couple of hours before our airport shuttle pickup, 
so after checking out we went and viewed the Eiffel Tower...
We said goodbye to some of our friends...

We had lunch at Mama Mia's one last time.
 I had my first and last pina colada of our trip.
 We indulged in one last Pacifico...
and then we were off...
My $5 turkey says: Until next time Cabo!

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