Friday, July 15, 2016

San Jose del Cabo Vacation: An Evening in Cabo San Lucas

Joel & I got a free "Sunset Dinner Cruise" around Lover's Beach in Cabo San Lucas for going to a time share presentation, so we hopped on a bus and went down for an evening.
San Jose del Cabo is about 30 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas. It cost about $4 for both of us to take the bus. On our way down, we were surprised by all of the new construction going up. We saw at lest 10 new resorts being built!
We arrived at the Marina in Cabo San Lucas a little too early for our check in time, so we walked around and grabbed a couple drinks at a sports bar, where I was suckered in to buying a little handmade turkey for $5. Joel was annoyed with me, but I liked it! 
 We didn't realize that our sunset dinner cruise was going to be a party cruise! We were greeted with a drink, and seated with strangers--it was a lot of fun!
 The cruise took us around to see the famous "Lover's Beach".
 We made friends with another couple at our table and split a bottle of Captain Morgan.
Needless to say, we had fun. 
On a boat ;)
 The couple we met on the boat, invited us to go dancing with them after we got off, and while I had been pretty tired on the cruise, I decided "YOLO" and we went for it. 
We went to an Oyster Bar first, where there was live music.
My first time having oysters: They were delicious!
They taste like the coast :)
 Our view from the bar. Look at all of those yachts!
Now on to the dancing!
 The couple we were with spoke Spanish. They were able to get us in the clubs for free and us ladies got free drinks.
I wish I could remember the name of this club!
 I had more fun dancing here than I've ever had in Las Vegas!
 Oh my husband, thank you for getting me out of my comfort zone!
 The decor was so cool!
 This place, with a cow hanging from the ceiling, was so much fun!
 I think it is called La Vauita Los Cabos.
Joel & I got pulled into a dance circle with a bunch of young kids. Somehow, Joel figured out that they all liked each other, but they were too shy to dance together, so he would ask them which person they liked and they would point and then he would push them together to dance. Haha, oh my husband, the life of the party!
 We walked down to Cabo Wabo--which was away from everything else! It felt a little sketch, and we when we got there it was dead. So we just snapped a picture and went on our way. I feel bad because my phone was wigging out an I lost Virginia's phone number so I couldn't send her the picture!
We finished the night with tacos, and took all cab back to San Jose together (they were staying there too).
 Jesus is always watching over us :)
I still can't believe we went out dancing, it was definitely not something we had planned to do, but it was soo much fun! Definitely a highlight of the trip!
More to come...
Happy Friday!

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