Monday, July 18, 2016

San Jose del Cabo Vacation: Swimming with Dolphins

One of the experiences Joel & I got to do in Cabo was swimming with dolphins!
For both of us to swim with the dolphins it would have cost $298, but we were able to get it for free for going to a timeshare presentation. I'm going to be honest, I was a little nervous about doing it. I'm not a big water person, and even though I think dolphins are amazing, being in the water with something that big made me anxious. Joel talked me into it though, and then I came across this fun fact while I was looking up info on it:
I took that as a sign that I was meant to do it ;)
The dolphin experience took place at the marina in San Jose. 
Side note, there's a really cool container bar right next to it that I had planned on going to when I was researching places to eat, but I didn't realize it was going to be right next to the dolphin place and I didn't budget time to go while we were there. Next time!
We swam with Cleopatra. You can read more about her in the picture below.
We spent most of the time standing on a platform right off the dock. We also had to be careful that nothing on us could scratch the dolphin so we couldn't wear our rings in the water. We also couldn't wear sun screen, so Joel and I got a little burned. Also, there were little tropical fish swimming around off and on the whole time.
 We got to do what was called the "boogie push". You hold on to a boogie board, keep your legs straight, and then the dolphin comes behind you and pushes your foot with its nose across the water.
  We got to hold onto Cleopatra's fins and ride on her stomach, just in a little circle. 
We got to kiss the dolphin & be kissed.
 Dance with the dolphin.
 And...pretend to be strong I guess? haha I'm not sure why they had us do this one.
 The trainer fed the dolphin about every 5 minutes, and if he didn't then Cleopatra would start talking to him. It was cute. Then when he wanted to distract her, he would throw and ice cube out into the water to get her to swim out. 
 The dolphins jumped so high!
I'm glad I have a husband who pushes me outside of my comfort zone!
Kind of amazing!
Happy Monday :) 

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