Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yellow Bottom Camping 2017

Every year, Joel and I camp at Yellow Bottom Campground in Quartzville. 
This was our 3rd annual trip and the first time we have brought friends with us!
This is my happy place.
We only stayed a couple of nights this time. Our first afternoon there, we spent time doing one of my favorite things: floating under the sun!
There were so many butterflies! One landed on my floatie :)
We drove back a way (for cell service) to make a phone call, and we practically had to drive almost all the way back to Green Peter Reservoir, but look how beautiful it was! It was so quiet and the color was so pure!
On our phone stop, we got out and gathered some things for our Nature Mandala's. 
We also challenged our hubbies to find us some things. I so wanted a picture of the two of our guys picking flowers for us, but I couldn't snap it in time!
The idea for making mandala's came from the book "How to be a Wildflower" by one of my favorite artists, Katie Daisy.
Oh yeah, getting crafty!
Van's x2.
Joel found these fox gloves for me :)
Reading and playing games are a must when camping.
We may have brought to many sausages.
We experimented with melting glass.
I made my husband take some tent selfies with me before bed :)
All the extra sausages made for some delicious breakfast burritos!
Our glass experiments.
We left a floral arrangement for the next campers to come to our site.
Before we left, we floated and explored the creek one last time.
Some jumping happened.
Rock art.

One of the best views in the world.
Good times with good friends! 
Until next summer Yellow Bottom!
Do you have any favorite camp sites?
Happy Wednesday!