Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New School Year for Teachers

As the new school year begins, I find myself in contemplation quite often.
I feel myself rapidly approaching a new phase of life. 
I've been reflecting on the pasts 5 years since graduating from college and getting married, and I was thinking that sometimes I feel like I live in a dramatic T.V. series...not because my life is dramatic, but because it seems like each year I am greeted with a new challenge. Just like in a T.V. series, each season there is a new conflict to be solved. I start to adjust to life being one way and then a wrench is thrown in my path and everything is shook up. For the average person, these things that stress me out and give me anxiety would probably not be a big deal at all. 
One slightly unkind interaction with another human causes me to wish, quite often, that I could just disengage from society and go be a hermit in the mountains (with my husband of course). Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. People are going to hurt you, change is going to happen. Sometimes it will be for the better, sometimes it won't. But one thing that is for certain is, that life goes on. I am grateful to have such supportive family, friends and co-workers in my life that God has gifted me to help me along this journey.
While most people tend to reflect and set goals in January when the official "new year" starts, to me, the new year will always be in September.
This year the word that is on my heart is Grace.
I have been given grace in abounds, and I pray that God would help me to show it to others when I am feeling spiteful or bitter, or hurt or angry. Because, ultimately, grace is what matters.

Happy New School Year!

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