Monday, February 17, 2014

Cupcake Turnout

The Shirley Temple cupcakes were a success! Here's how they looked:
So I tried the recipe I posted earlier, here, the one with the cherry 7 up. It turned out OK for the first batch, but for the second batch I just decided to follow the direction on the back of the box for regular cherry chip cake and then added a little of the 7 up and grenadine.

For the frosting I tried this jello frosting recipe, but I guess I did something wrong because it didn't turn out. So instead, I used my go to recipe which is instant vanilla pudding, only using half of the milk called for, mixed with a tub of cool whip. Then I added some of the cherry jello mixture I tried to make to give it a cherry flavor and pretty pink flavoring. If I make it again I might just do the cool whip frosting with cherry extract and some food coloring.

I used a large storage ziplock bag to pipe the frosting. Put the frosting in the bag then cut the tip off of one of the corners. I finished them off with a marachino cherry on top of each cupcake. They were lovely for Valentine's day and some of my co-workers appreciated the sentiment for Shirley Temple.

Have a happy Monday!

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