Monday, June 9, 2014

Everyone's Famous in a Small Town

This last weekend I went home to my hometown for our annual "Strawberry Festival". Our claim to fame is the "World's Largest Strawberry Shortcake". Our town makes one the size of the back of a Semi Trailer and then they parade it through town & the Strawberry Princesses serve it up at the Carnival afterward. This year I rode in the parade on a float for "former Strawberry Princesses" and my younger brother carried a banner for a local politician.
This is why I am partially obsessed with strawberries :)

There are a ton more past princesses than this! I was the only one from my year that rode this year.

My dear friend KaryAnn talked me into riding on the float. I'm glad she did! It was fun & it was a beautiful day for a parade :)

Me with KaryAnn when she was a princess is 2010.

Me serving strawberry shortcake when I was a princess in 2006.

Me at the Queen's Coronation my senior year.

Necklace: Bauble Bar // Shoes: old (Mervyns--doesn't exist anymore!) // Sunglasses: Kohls

My mom found these shoes for me in the children's section at Mervyn's (which no longer exists!) when I was on court. I bust them out once a year for strawberry festival :) One of the benefits of having small feet.

I just love wearing Tiaras ;)

My favorite picture from the weekend :)

Do you have any odd small town traditions?
Hope you had a lovely weekend & Happy Monday!

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