Friday, June 13, 2014

Mileage Club

Sorry, if you're not a teacher, today's post might be a little boring for you ;)
Yesterday was the last day of school for students at my school. It was a huge celebration! We had our field day in the afternoon and an awards assembly in the morning. 
I have been running a mileage club at my school all year and I got to give out some awards to my top runners. I gave them water bottles with a bracelet and star balloons that I wrote the number of miles they had each completed on. They were so cute and so thankful. It made me feel good to be able to honor them in front of their school. During recess one kid ran up and said "thank you Mrs. Everett!" and showed me that he had filled his water bottle up and was drinking from it already.
This is the bulletin board that I made for the year. Once a student completed 10 miles, they got their name on a foot up on the board. I also took pictures throughout the year of kids who participated. The Red part on the left was dedicated to my intramurals. 

Each week I posted the activity we were doing along with the rules. I also posted the "Fair Play Pledge" that each class had to sign, along with pictures from different activities we did. With my 5th graders we did a big Ducks vs. Beaver Civil War football game in the fall that was a lot of fun. I picked student coaches who applied, and made them "play books" and the kids even sang the Star Spangled Banner before we started the big game :)
In our mileage club we had the goal of walking enough miles, as a school, to reach from our school in Oregon to Disney World, which is 3,079 miles. Students who 

Our grand total was actually 2,440 miles because I had a couple of more finished cards after I took this picture. I only counted miles on cards that students finished and turned in, but there were a lot of students with unfinished cards that had a lot more miles on them.

We didn't quite make our goal, but we made it all the way to just past Nashville Tennessee! I had kids that were working really hard and running their whole recess to try to boost us right up until the end!

Part way through the year I decided to make a chart so classes could track where they were at. It definitely helped! My class that ended up in second place worked really hard to try to beat the 1st place class and they came really close! And oops--I just noticed my 3rd & 4th place are mixed up haha!
I had the best time running the mileage club and I will definitely miss the students and the school next year. I got a little teary eyed writing this post as I recalled the happy memories of my students' excitement and accomplishments throughout the year. I hope that I am able to build a strong sense of community at my new school and help get my students excited about being active next year!

Have a great weekend!

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