Thursday, June 5, 2014

One of these Things is not Like the Other

Today I thought I would share my bookcase styling. I just love books, and I think they are important to own. My parents had a lot of books growing up, so it was always easy to find information for research projects on the quick in the pre-interenet era. Mind you I am only showing you the top half because, let's be honest, we're renting, we're short on storage and the bottom half of my bookshelves shoved full of not so pretty arrangements :)

 The little plate is a gift my husband brought home for me when he traveled to Russia. Naturally I had to place it next to War & Peace and Anna Karenina (which by the way are two of the most boring books I have ever read and I will NOT  be doing a book review on them--well I guess I just did haha.) Most of my leather books came from Barnes & Noble, but some of them were from used book stores. Eventually I will switch up the arrangement of the books but for right now this will do.

Please ignore the ugly wires hanging in the background, since we are renting right now and hopefully not for much longer, I just didn't bother trying to hide them. I love connecting decor to the books I have on display. For example, the Toby mug is the Mad Hatter so I placed it next to Alice and Wonderland...and then we got a Wii and my husband squeezed in there as well :P

One of these things just doesn't belong...did you find it?
Husbands just have the perfect way of adding their own special touch to your home decor, don't they? ;)

I hope this inspires you to buy some more books or spruce up your bookshelves!
Happy Thursday :)

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