Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Education Journey

My husband officially graduated with his Masters last Saturday. He chose not to walk in the ceremony. Since we both have our Master's Degrees now and we met in college I thought it would be fun to post all the graduation pictures from our undergrad through to our Master's.
 Joel's Bachelor's Degree Graduation from WOU-2010-just dating :)
 My Bachelor's Degree Graduation from WOU-2011-Engaged!
 My Master's Degree Graduation from OSU-2013-Married :)
Joel's Master's Degree Graduation from WOU--2014-still married & excited for our new teaching jobs!! 
It's fun to look back on how far we've come.
Joel is going to be full time teaching High School History & coaching football, I will be .75 teaching Elementary PE and coaching dance team. 

Today is my official last day at the school I taught at this year. I will miss it but I am excited to actually get to teach my own PE classes. 
Have a happy Tuesday!

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