Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Bucket List

Since tomorrow is the first official day of summer I thought it would be appropriate to share my summer bucket list. I am determined to accomplish it this Summer! The last two summers either I, or my husband were in summer school. We both are still busy this summer but a little less without school, and this year we planned ahead and wrote out our schedules so we know when we have free time!

In honor of summer I played around with some of my artwork in Photoshop and made some desktop artwork. Feel free to save it and use it! I think if you click on the image and the right click & open the image in a new tab it should expand to a bigger size before you save it.

It has been absolutely gorgeous all week and, ironically, this morning it is a little misty.
Oh Oregon and your bi-polar weather. Let's hope it clears up!
Have a great weekend!

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