Thursday, September 11, 2014

Home Decor

 Over the summer, my mom & I went to the Two Sister's Treasures Sale just outside of my hometown. We love going to antique sales like this. It's fun to see how they state everything and to find fun items for the home.
 We both fell in love with this hutch. It is so gorgeous. We love the mirror on the back and especially the little shelves on either side. My mom has vintage pink crystal lamps that were passed down to her from her Grandma that we thought would have looked perfect on the shelves. Unfortunately it was a little spendy--not an unreasonable price, just out of our prices ranges! 
 I ended up going home with the two little mirrors and the mirrored tray in this picture. I loved the little lipstick holder too, but unfortunately, none of my lipsticks are round.
 Here's how I styled my finds!
 I placed the mirrored tray on my nightstand along with a couple of pictures of me and my handsome husband.
I added the two small mirrors to the mirrors I already had hanging. I love mirrors, but I think my husband is getting tired of them, haha. Every time I bring one home, he says "another mirror?". Hopefully he just doesn't notice these two. ;)

Happy Thursday!

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